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Costa Rica Fishing Charters Reviews

We pride ourselves with offering excellent fishing charters to our customers from around the world. Check out a few of our Tamarindo sport fishing reviews below and see how past customers have enjoyed their day and became part of the crew!

Guest Comments

All types of fish!

We had a great day fishing with Carlos and his crew. We caught a bunch of Dorado early on. We then moved on to catch Tuna and the crew later prepared fresh tuna sashimi on the boat – what a great culinary experience. When all members of our party had caught some tuna, we went looking for sailfish and caught two of those, so had a great, productive and diverse overall experience.

We also saw a school of literally dozens of dolphins who were hunting together and performed all types of tricks for us. The crew worked really hard and made sure we brought our catch on board and keeping the boat clean at all times. An exceptional day and a good crew to go out with!

Scott Woods – Hamburg, Germany

Wonderful experience

Our family of 4 booked a full day charter. My 14 year old daughter caught a mahi first thing. Soon we found a pod of maybe 1000 dolphins and spent a few hours catching tuna on the outskirts of the school and eating the freshest sashimi ever.Overall, an exceptional day. The crew was on time, fed us a top notch lunch, had soy and wasabi for the sashimi, and treated us well. No need to go anywhere else for a great trip.

Jeff S. – Gilbert, Arizona

Everyone’s happy

I never went a trip on a fishing boat before! My friends and family decided to reach out captain PIT after reading all his amazing reviews. We were a group of 18 and with different ideas. he accommodate part two of us on his catamaran and part on his tuna tower boat. We wanted to fish and enjoy the day out in the ocean.
He told us to go chase a school of dolphins and try to catch tunas. Sure thing we ended up catching 6 tunas and two the end we jumped in the water with the dolphins. Crazy. Unreal.cooked fish on board. Sashimi. We will never forget that day. The other boat catched tunas and sailfish. And lost a marlin at the end of the day.
These guys know what they are doing. Very friendly.
Very professional. Overall a great experience

Coco – San Jose, Costa Rica

What a great day of fishing and great to work with

We took a 3/4 day trip on the Runaway with Heiner Sr, Heiner Jr, and Carlos who were fantastic. By 10 AM we had already caught 12 mahi, and using some live bait caught a 49lb mahi soon after. It was obvious the crew had a game plan and executed it to perfection. A little while later caught a marlin, however after about 5 minutes of fight I lost him. We later found a school of tuna and Captain Heiner Sr kept us on them while we caught a handful of yellowfin.

A final word about the crew. They were knowledgeable, hard-working, and most of all friendly. Thanks guys! You were great and we will be back.

Robert  – Houston, Texas

You did it again!!!!

This is my second review of Capt Pit and Kingpin Sportfishing, as they just continue to exceed my expectations! By far, the most knowledgeable Capt and crew, you can fish with in Costa Rica. I had the privilege of fishing with the guys on April 8th, as I was in pursuit of the 100th billfish, of my fishing career. After a slow start in the morning, with a lot of water covered, the guys decided on a change of location and a change in the spread. These guys work the water hard, and their efforts paid off again! I was put on a nice 300lb blue marlin, that after an hour and a half fight, we had her boatside. What a celebration we had. The professionalism of the fishing and the fun you will have on the boat with these guys, make this the best day, you will have in Costa Rica!

Whether an avid fisherman or your first time on the water, Kingpin Sportfishing is the company to go with, when fishing in Tamarindo!! Thank you Capt. Pit, can’t wait to fish with you soon, my friend!!!!!

Todd – St. Augustine, Florida

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